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In 1972, recognizing the important contributions of the commodities industry to the country’ s economic growth, the Ministry of Primary Industries was established by the government.

During its initial stage, the Ministry of Primary Industries was only focusing on the development of the tin ore and rubber, the two main commodities development. The ministry’s role was expanded later to include the development other commodities such as palm oil, cocoa, forestry, minerals, pineapple and tobacco which also contributed to the country’s economy.

In 2004, the ministry was restructured and renamed as the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC). The Pepper Marketing Board, were previously under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture was included in MPIC whilst matters relating to forestry, mineral and geo-science were transferred to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, under the new structure. Other main responsibilities of MPI remain unchanged.

MPIC was rebranded and its acronym was changed to MPI on 2018.

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